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Your Internet Browser does not accept Cookies

Turboclip requires your browser to accept Cookies. Cookies are used by many web sites. They are small text files in your computer hard disk that store information. Allowing a Cookie to be created does not give additional access to your computer.

Use the following instructions to verify that your Internet Browser can accept Cookies.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
Step 1   Select the Browser View menu
Step 2   Select Internet Options
Step 3   Select the Advanced Tab
Step 4   Scroll Down to Cookies
Step 5   Click the button next to "Always Accept cookies"

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
Step 1   Select the Browser Tools menu
Step 2   Select Internet Options
Step 3   Select the Security Tab
Step 4   Select the Internet icon
Step 5   Select Custom Level
Step 6   Scroll Down to Cookies
Step 7   Click the button next to enable under the heading, "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and the heading "Allow per session cookies"

Netscape 4.x
Step 1   Select the Browser Edit menu
Step 2   Select Preferences
Step 3   Select Advanced
Step 4   In the "Cookies" box, click the button next to Accept all cookies

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